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With their consistent reliability and top-notch work, it's no wonder we always recommend these diligent gardeners to everyone looking for quality lawn care.

  • Alison H.

It's refreshing to see such dedicated and professional individuals who deliver top-quality results on lawns every single time.

  • Katie S.

My lawn looks better than ever thanks to the outstanding mowing, trimming, and clearing of debris from my drive, sidewalk, and back patio by this company. They also did an amazing job with a major backyard clearing and mulching.

  • Jose N.

I am impressed with the outstanding services offered by Barnes Garden Designers.

  • Christina James

I received several choices, along with the prices listed out as well. When reaching out to Barnes Garden Designers, they delivered top-quality and cost-effective service that has made my life much more manageable while constantly traveling.

  • H. James

I've relied on GardenersBarnes for all my gardening needs for over a year now, and they have never let me down. From hedge trimming to border maintenance, they always do an outstanding job. Highly recommended!

  • David K.

Remarkably genial and obliging as always, achieved impressive results once again, hired them for continual work.

  • Marty N.

The level of service provided by this gardener can't be beaten - truly impressive!

  • Talon P.

Marvelous, turned up on time as indicated by the gardeners, fantastic pre-service correspondence. Pleased with how it turned out and planned for monthly maintenance.

  • T. Cairns

The attention to detail in their workmanship is remarkable, the paving looks impeccable and the team has a kind and respectful attitude. I strongly recommend them for any paving project. Delighted with their work!

  • Kate Wade

Our prior experience with Barnes Gardening Services was outstanding, which is why we confidently chose to have them back for extra paving work in our back garden. We highly recommend their expertise.

  • Max Patton

The results speak for themselves; this team knows how to create a stunning outdoor space.

  • D. Marks

We couldn't be happier with how the first phase turned out, all thanks to the gardeners.

  • S. Krentz

We were highly impressed by their remarkable performance, meeting our demands while causing minimal disruption.

  • Donna A

I am beyond thrilled with this wonderful experience - my lawn is now perfect! The gardeners were efficient and dependable, and the cost was just right.

  • Wendy L.

What a difference this experience made for my lawn - it's absolutely gorgeous now! The gardeners were so efficient and trustworthy, and the price was very affordable.

  • Gregory Perkins

Impeccable dialogue accompanied by affordable fees.

  • Alfred B.

Fantastic communication and affordable cost.

  • K. Andrews

Consistency, quality, and professionalism - that's what you can expect from this excellent gardening service.

  • Leslie R.

Had a fantastic experience with Barnes Garden Designers and their expertly executed gardening service that exceeded my expectations.

  • Rosanna Hughes

I'm so glad that I decided to hire Barnes Gardeners for my lawn care needs - it's been a splendid experience every single time!

  • Michael D.

They surpass expectations for their patrons. Very expert and great at what they offer, thank you one more time.

  • Sarah Thomas

Unbelievable speed and effectivity from the gardener's workmanship - outstanding value for money!

  • C. Williamson

We were wary of hiring someone to deal with our neglected garden - but their expertise really shone through and produced exceptional results!

  • Benjamin G.

Superb landscaping given by Barnes Gardeners - punctual staff every single time, tremendous design and lovely garden!

  • Elliot Miller

Throughout their stay at my property, the personnel sent by Barnes Garden Designers carried out all the listed tasks competently and professionally - it really made a huge difference! I would certainly recommend them if you need help with garden related work.

  • Alicia Smith

Through seasonal maintenance by Barnes Landscapers, a stunning green lawn without any weeds has been created in our garden! They have done an amazing job for us whilst showing impressive professionalism; their work has left us very content indeed!

  • Bryan P.

If you're looking for a top-quality landscaping company, I recommend Barnes Garden Designers. They did an excellent job on our patio and were very flexible regarding the design.

  • Beau

Thanks GardenersBarnes for the lawn mowing you did the other week. I was so pleased with the results and will be using them again.

  • Peter F.

I am more than happy with the gardeners from Barnes Gardening Services. They did a wonderful job on my garden. Quite the talented team.

  • Valeria Griffin

Needed a new look for the lawn, thank you for the help at my garden, great job guys.

  • Emma Gorella

I chose Barnes Gardeners as a garden landscaper solely based on their cheap service and competitive prices. I actually did not expect much, so was pleasantly surprised when they delivered a gorgeous garden environment. Very happy with the result. Will use again.

  • Reginald Lawson

Garden design isn't easy so I called Barnes Gardening Services to give me a hand and they created a beautiful garden for me and my family, and at a very affordable price.

  • Jerald

The garden maintenance service was competitively priced, and after I heard the quote and heard what they had to say, I was drawn in hook line and sinker. I'm glad I was because the end result - the appearance of my garden - was utterly fantastic. Barnes Gardeners are truly the best in the business.

  • Angela E.

Before I called Barnes Landscape Gardeners my garden was a total mess with a huge quantity of weeds and trash all over the place. It was too hard to remove all the weeds due to the massive quantity. Fortunately this company came to my aid. Their gardening service sorted this right out by clearing all the weeds and they also helped to remove all the trash from the garden. Now my garden looks neat and ready for use. The exceptional service of the firm makes them highly recommendable. I am looking forward to use their other services like hedge trimming.

  • Maxwell G.

Barnes Gardeners recently carried out some extensive work in my garden, creating a new decking area and building a rockery. They were prompt, efficient and approachable at all times and even carried out garden waste removal for me so I didn't have to hire a skip or clear up after them. Exceptional service and one I'd highly recommend!

  • Miles Porter

I'm a busy mum of three and don't have barely any free time to do the gardening. Fortunately I recently found an amazing company called Barnes Landscapers that offer an inexpensive garden care service. At a fair price, you get a brilliant service and your garden looks excellent once they have finished. Well recommended.

  • Cheryl A.

I have always been able to trim the branches on my trees but I wound up injuring myself the last time I did it. Feeling a bit anxious about doing it again, I felt I would at least hire Barnes Gardening Services once. I was astounded with how quickly and easily they did the job; I felt embarrassed that I'd messed up last time. I think I'll have them take care of it for me for the foreseeable future.

  • W. Green

I have been working with Gardening Companies Barnes now for over two months and they come regularly to my home to handle various garden maintenance jobs for me. I struggle with taking care of my garden by myself and so their help really comes in handy. I was speaking to a friend recently who was asking me where I got the money from to hire a professional team of gardening experts and so I explained to her that they are so affordable and their services are so convenient that I would not even think of doing the job myself in the future!

  • Edgar Farmer

I was amazed at how professional GardenersBarnes were when I wanted a landscaping service. My garden wasn't big but I wanted to do as much as I could with the space I had. Luckily, this company knew what to do and made the most of the space I had, making sure I had colour and a seating area. The work that was done was wonderful and wasn't expensive either.

  • Susan Ross

I used Barnes Landscapers for my plant and tree maintenance requirements and I'm mighty glad that I did. I would never have been able to take care of those tall trees in my back garden, but now thanks to their company, I don't ever have to. The fact that their services are so cheap means that I'll definitely be using them again. It certainly is the logical choice rather than risk breaking a leg climbing up a ladder myself.

  • Fiona Jackson

My patio was brand new but because of one thing or another, it became messy quickly. Wanting to restore it to its pristine glory, I hired Barnes Garden Designers to take care of the work. They were able to tackle the tough job and provide an excellent result. My patio was soon looking like new again, thanks to their help.

  • Charlie L.

A bunch of happy gardeners who can make your day! That's how I would describe the team of gardeners from Barnes Landscape Gardeners. I had called them for leaf clearance and was so impressed that I have now contracted them for a year of lawn maintenance. Not only do they know what they are doing, they are also a great team to have around your home. I like their attention to detail. Highly recommended!

  • L. Jameson

As summer was approaching, I really wanted to get my garden into a decent state so that I could barbecue and entertain friends and family. Having neglected to take care of my garden over the winter, it was in a pretty bad state, overgrown and wild and sorting out the mess was definitely beyond my capabilities. I hired an all round garden clearance and maintenance service from Gardening Companies Barnes and I'm very glad I did. They transformed my garden into a neat and beautiful space, so now I'll have no problem bringing my friends over during the summer.

  • Becky

My new garden was just awful when I moved in. It was literally just mud everywhere. I saw one of Barnes Landscapers's vans at a neighbours and spoke to one of their gardeners. I phoned their office and they gave me a fantastic price for their garden design services. I could not believe the difference. I like the outside of my new home more than the inside now!

  • Robert G.

I recommend Barnes Gardening Services for their excellent landscaping and garden design services. Their helpful team have been helping me keep my garden in great shape, clear of leaves and weeds. I have been recommending their excellent services in garden maintenance including mowing, pruning and trimming. Even my friends and family are thrilled.

  • Rose

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