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Ideas for Creating Beautiful Gardens in Limited Space

Even with a small outdoor space, you can create a nice garden design, but be sure to do your research as you need to make sure you grow suitable plants for the size of garden you have. From window sills to a balcony, you can use this space to grow some colour and brighten up your home.

Balcony gardens
Balcony gardens can be stunning areas. Even small balconies can be turned into lovely gardens with some ingenious garden design ideas. Free standing containers with plants, flowers and ornamental trees, as well as hanging baskets with trailing plants make a lovely addition to a balcony and give it an individual style. Planting dwarf trees and vines growing up trellis on walls will add instant greenery and colour. Try trailing petunias which are ideal and add a splash of colour to your balcony. Even growing vegetables and herbs is a possibility where you can grow strawberries and raspberries in hanging baskets and a variety of herbs on window sills. Just make sure you secure plant pots so that they don’t fall off!

No garden?
Some places don’t have any garden area! But, you can grow herbs and flowers on window sills and have a lovely window display. What could be better than cutting fresh herbs to add to dishes from the convenience of your window? Having plants, herbs or flowers on window sills adds colour and scent to your home. Installing a window box means you can grow herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme and chives which are a lovely accompaniment to cooking.

Other places to create a garden
If space is tight, then you could use walls to grow climbing plants and add some colour. It is a good idea to make sure you grow flowers that have short roots and vines that grow quickly and soon cover up a dull area such as a wall. Installing trellis helps train the plant to go in a specific direction. It not only adds colour but also fragrance. Honeysuckle and clematis are fast growing plants that add a splash of colour to brighten an area of your wall.

You can create some colour inside your home and add containers to grow plants and flowers. Though they need to be suitable for indoors, you can equally have colour and fragrance inside as well as on the outside.

Small courtyards
Small areas are often paved courtyards which are great if you don’t like gardening or have limited time. You can simply add as much as you can handle. Usually, pots are the best choice, and can be in varying sizes and have a wide range of plants. You do need to make certain that the flowers and plants don’t grow too big and get out of hand. You can add a display to window sills and erect hanging baskets for sprawling colour. You can even do some landscaping and add small water features that add a little peace and relaxation to your small area. A small bench and a BBQ mean you easily get similar features that you would expect in a larger garden. It is amazing how lovely small areas can look with a little bit of thought and planning. Small is beautiful and adding some solar lights amid your plants and plant life will give a beautiful display. As long as the garden design is kept in line with the area you have, you can have a stunning place to enjoy at any time.

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